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How To Encourage Your Child To Read More

How To Motivate Your Child To Start Reading It can be difficult to motivate a child to read books if they don’t enjoy reading. Children who read are more likely to do better in school, seek out new information, and develop better problem solving-skills if they read for just 15 minutes a day. In this …


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School Etiquette Your Child Should Be Practicing

School Etiquette Tips To Teach Your Child When children practice good manners, it shapes a student’s and how they will act in new or uncomfortable situations. St. Cecelia explores some manners your child should be learning and how to practice school etiquette. In The Classroom The classroom is the place where your children will spend …


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How You Can Help Your Child Adjust To A New School

Helping Your Child Adjust To A New School Whether it’s in your control or out of your control, your child may have to change schools in the middle of the school year. Going to a new school where your child doesn’t know anyone can be a difficult adjustment. In this blog, St. Cecelia discusses how …


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St. Cecelia: Benefits Of School Uniforms

4 Benefits Of Wearing School Uniforms At St. Cecelia, we believe that school uniforms provide many positive benefits to our student’s education, lifestyle, and social practices. Here are four reasons that school uniforms in the classroom are beneficial to parents, teachers, and students. Cost-Effective While school uniforms might seem expensive, they are actually quite cost-effective. …