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Ways To Keep Your Child Learning Over The Summer

  While summer break is a time for fun, it’s also the time of year where children lose the most information. By the time the next school year begins, children have lost a majority of what they learned the previous year. St. Cecelia Catholic School has some ideas on how to keep your child learning …


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School Habits Your Child Should Be Practicing

Developing good study habits at a young age can be beneficial in many circumstances. It can benefit your child by: Teaching them to avoid procrastination Helping them gain motivation Encouraging hard work Freeing up valuable time Preparing them for the working world St. Cecelia Catholic School gives some recommendations on the most valuable study skills …


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How To Prepare Your Child For School The Night Before

  Mornings can be hectic for parents running on a tight schedule. If you’re in charge of preparing your child for school every day, you’re bound to forget something every now and then. It can be anything from their homework to their school lunch. If you’re scrambling to get your child ready in the morning, …


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4 Signs Your Child Might Need A Tutor

While some students excel at school, others may be struggling to get passing grades. One of them may even be your child. St. Cecelia Catholic School looks at the warning signs that your child may not be performing well in school and need some extra tutoring help. Your Child Stops Talking About School One of …

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