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Private School Study Tips for Junior High

Private School Study Tips for Middle School Students If you have a middle school student in a private school, you are likely familiar with how the school work can pile up. To keep the workload from becoming too overwhelming for your students, check out these tips to help your student create and maintain good study …


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St. Cecelia’s Sickness Guide

St. Cecelia School: How to Know When Your Child is Too Sick to Go to School Sickness happens, especially with children. Sneezing, sniffles, headaches, and the like are a fairly common occurrence throughout the school year at St. Cecelia. However, there are some instances when a child should stay home from school due to sickness. …


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A Beginner’s Guide to Middle School Robotics

Middle School Robotics: A Parent’s Guide Robotics has become an increasingly popular and important field of study in schools across the United States and across the world. If you are unfamiliar with the subject but your child is interested in being part of a middle school robotics program, this guide is here to help. Below, …


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St. Cecelia School: 4 Study Tips for Elementary Students

Elementary Study Tips from St. Cecelia School Study habits are important to instill early. Taking the initiative to help your kids in elementary school can help them succeed in school and in life. Today, our team at St. Cecelia have four tips on how to help your elementary-aged students start and maintain good study habits. …

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