Healthy Time Management Tips for the School Year

Steering wheel covered in notes as a reminder of errands to doI’ve heard many people say they look forward to school starting so the family can get back into their routine. Does it ever feel like you are more organized and schedules go more smoothly in the beginning of the year? I often think that is because the summer gives us time to “reset.” Don’t you wish you and your children could press more reset buttons during the school year?

Well, maybe you can.

As the year progresses, family calendars can easily become filled. Many days include activities of our choosing, such as sports, music lessons, dance, or other worthwhile interests. Finding ways to help your child manage time after school can be challenging. But, with some planning, parents and children can both schedule time for a “reset,” and that can be very beneficial.

So, what can families do when the extra-curricular activities begin to take up the calendar, and how can those activities be balanced with the required homework? Although there is no recipe for each family to follow, there are some things parents can keep in mind as the school year progresses.

Time Management Tips for Busy Families

  • Create a visible family calendar. Simple idea, but extremely helpful for the entire family to see the daily/weekly/monthly schedule.
  • Schedule time to “reset.” Look at your family calendar and schedule time to do nothing. If weekend after weekend is filled with activities, you and your children may begin to feel like hamsters on run away wheels! If you do not purposefully schedule “nothing,” it’s very easy to fill in empty space on the calendar.
  • Identify priorities. Adopt a family philosophy that learning and faith are the top priorities and be sure your choices reflect that philosophy. Minimally, if homework does not come first and the family does not attend church every Sunday, learning and faith are not the top priorities.
  • Set limits on electronic entertainment. Set guidelines that will help you manage your child’s electronic use. Examples of family rules could be: no electronic use before school or at meal time, one hour a day on weekdays, and cell phones turned off and put in the kitchen at bedtime.
  • Get a good sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t forget the importance of a sleep and breakfast. Another simple reminder, yet sometimes neglected as calendars fill up. Sleep is a big deal, and students have become weak, sick, and even passed out in school because they did not eat enough breakfast. Both require scheduling – a consistent bed time and a morning schedule that allows enough time for breakfast.

The faculty and staff at St. Cecelia School wants you and your children to experience a great school year. Do you have any ideas that can help our school families make the most of their time? Submit your ideas in the comments section and we will feature your ideas in a follow-up article!

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