We’ve Got Attitude

IMG_3147IB Primary Years Program (PYP) attitude, that is!

In the Pre-K3 program at St. Cecelia School, our classroom environment encourages a variety of positive attitudes. As part of the IB Primary Years Program, our 3 year olds are introduced to these attitudes through demonstration and active participation. We don’t just learn about the importance of such qualities as creativity, cooperation, confidence, independence, enthusiasm and respect. We foster daily active participation of these global attitudes.

A recent art activity incorporated many of the PYP attitudes. Creativity was emphasized as each child selected their own amount of shapes and colors to create their unique “shapes masterpiece”. To encourage confidence, the children were given the opportunity to share and explain their masterpieces to the class. Classmates learned how to be a good audience by listening attentively and expressed their curiosity by asking questions. Class cooperation was demonstrated as we worked together to compare and contrast the different shapes and colors on each masterpiece. Finally, each unique piece of artwork was displayed so that we could appreciate the uniqueness of each child’s creation.

In addition, as a way to recognize and encourage all of the PYP attitudes, we have incorporated an “Attitudes Bucket” as part of our classroom environment. When children are “caught” demonstrating any one of the many PYP attitudes, they place their picture next to the corresponding attitude on our classroom display. Then they get to add a colorful pompom to our bucket. Once the bucket is full of positive attitudes, the class decides on a way to celebrate all of their wonderful IB attitude accomplishments.

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